Devin reviews the film White Chicks. Notorious for being hilarious (and probably not your typical comedy) the film is packed with statements about philosophy and racial politics. Take a peek!

17th July 2021

By Devin

White Chicks

“Your mother is so old, her breast milk is powder” – Tiffany Wilson, White Chicks

The last time I tried to write a film review of White Chicks I had to take a hiatus after hitting many writing blocks. I have now gained the emotional strength to attempt to fully review this film. I will not leave this computer until I finish this blog. Either the blog gets written or I die. (Editor’s Note: we are glad our movie guy did finish his blog because we don’t know what we’d do without him!)

Art I tell you, ART

Now you may ask what is all this fuss about. Surely it is just a film. No. It is not just a film. It is an artistic statement. The difficulty I had in previously writing this review was fully capturing every philosophical aspect of the film in a respectful and fulfilling manner. After watching the full 1 hour 55 minute run time, I did consider a great many things.

Money, money, money, and racial politics?

First of all, I considered the fact that on the long film production line this film was chosen to be made on a $37 million budget film. White Chicks had a box office of $113.1 million. Wow.  

Its satirical nature is a genuinely insightful commentary of racial politics. Albums like Kendrick Lamar’s To Pimp a Butterfly pale in comparison. No pun intended. The cinematography, acting, editing and the like were all average. Like 99% of films, the script was the most significant part. Containing black people pretending to be Mexicans and white Americans, fart jokes, and Terry Crews, the film is a statement that one can only fully understand by genuinely watching the film. 

While I have given this film a hard time, there were some moments I believed to be genuinely humorous. This film falls under the category of ironic watching with the central idea that a studio genuinely decided to fund this film, and it paid off.


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