14th April 2021

By Otto

The purpose of last week’s post was to begin to bring peoples attention to extreme sports. It often flies under the radar as simply a subsection of sports in general, which might seem like a fair assumption. Actually, extreme sports are in a completely different ballpark and often not considered when people talk about sports.

Well, for this week I will be talking you through snow sports specifically, the number of different snow sports there are and why they are actually more interesting and beneficial than they may seem.

Let me start off with a brief list of the different snow sports there are: skiing, snowboarding, dog sledging, snowshoeing, ice climbing, ski biking, snow driving, sledging and I can assure you the list goes on. If you have something you really enjoy doing in the summer, then I can almost guarantee that it will exist on either the snow or the ice. There are arguments suggesting that not all of these activities can be considered extreme sports and I believe that’s fair when taking into consideration sports like cross-country skiing, but on average these sports require great skill and bravery to be able to be taken part in at a reasonably good level. This wide range of activities only emphasises the opportunities within snow extreme sports and how many options there are for everyone whether you fear dogs or heights there is always something for you. 

At first thought you might think, “Oh, extreme sports, sounds kind of like an unnecessary risk to take for some adrenaline,” and sometimes I have to agree with that, but I truly believe some people just don’t understand how beneficial an experience of extreme sports can be. I think snow sports is a great example of this because there are so many papers and research projects that suggest there are far more benefits that outweigh the positives in Winter Extreme sports. The main topic of conversation in these projects is the connection some of the athletes build with their surroundings and environment. Many describe it as one of the most beautiful feelings you can experience and to me that just sounds so perfect; getting more in touch with the world that has given us so much. Putting our safety in the hands of gravity. That just appeals so greatly to me and something I think all people should try to experience in their lifetime.