Rating Ronaldo’s Craziest and Most Expensive Purchases

For his blogging debut, Aakash explores Cristiano Ronaldo’s most expensive and ridiculous purchases. You won’t believe some of these!

7th May 2021

By Aakash

Have you ever wondered, “If I was a multi-millionaire footballer, what would I buy?”. Well, you are in luck as I am here to make your dreams come true. Cristiano Ronaldo is not only one of the highest-paid athletes to ever exist, but he is also one of the most extravagant spenders in the world. He earns a monumental £46.7 million a year from his base salary alone, not including sponsorships and advertisements. With sponsorships and salaries, we can only imagine how much he truly earns a year. 

Number one on the list is a wax figure of himself:

Certain rich people might have portraits or paintings of themselves, well this man owns a life-sized version of himself. This item prices at around $25,000, not one of the most expensive things he owns but an unexpected and over-the-top purchase at that. After Madrid’s Museum of Wax honoured Ronaldo with a statue, he was so impressed that he had a replica made that he reportedly keeps at his house. Certain people might remember the horrendous sculpture of Ronaldo that was made in Madeira Airport which torrented a peal of laughter out of the Portuguese man, followed by a look that showed he was clearly not impressed. Well, at least now he had a figure made for him that he actually enjoyed.

I would give this purchase a 7/10 – I rate the creativity but the price isn’t high enough to justify a greater score. He must love himself so much to own something like that though.

Next on the list is Ronaldo’s New York Apartment:

Ronaldo owns a New York apartment located in the Trump Tower. You must be thinking, “oh, okay. That’s not that surprising.” Well, that is not until you hear the price he paid for this. This apartment amasses to a whopping $18.5 million and has views of the Hudson River, Empire State Building and Central Park. 

This purchase gets a 6/10 – whilst it was a potential 8, the fact that it’s located in the Trump Towers knocks off 2 valuable points. However, the sheer price is extraordinary and the fact that he owns such an expensive apartment in New York may suggest a future move to the MLS at the end of the ageless man’s career? Maybe New York Red Bulls or New York City FC? We can only hope so.

Last on the list is a diamond-encrusted custom watch:

The diamond-encrusted custom watch is made by Jacob and co. Some may have heard of this company making iced-out watches for famous rappers back in the 90s and 2000s. The watch is fitted with 424 white diamonds and is worth around a giant $1.85 million. But here’s the catch, the almost 2-million-dollar watch has so many diamonds in it that it can’t even tell the time. Bit of a waste of money for something that doesn’t even work if you ask me. But anyway, with that many diamonds in it, it would probably blind you before you’re even able to read the dials.  

This overpriced toy gets a 6/10 from me. Whilst 424 white diamonds sound eye-watering, the look of the watch doesn’t quite match. Its weird pentagonal shape and ugly dark blue strap takes away the attractiveness of this piece and forces me to rate it no higher than 6.


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