Random Essentials You Need To Travel

With summer drawing to a close, we thought that now was a perfect time to release what we think are the five most important (and random) things that are essential for students planning to travel.

A Hammock

A hammock is unbelievably versatile and easy to pack. A hammock can be bought within the range of £20-£30 on Amazon, and it is not something you see most travellers taking in their bags. The possibilities are endless; all you need are some trees, and you are good to go! A hammock can also be used to put clothes in and use as an extra bag if need be. The one that we endorse is below.

Bad Sunglasses

A trip to Primark, Camden Town, or any budget shop will sort you out with a pair of cheap sunglasses. During the day we might instead recommend some higher-quality sunglasses that actually protect you from the Sun. But, at night, these are invaluable. Swapping cheap sunglasses with someone in a club is a great way to make friends, especially if you find yourself alone or “looking for other people”. Yes, wearing sunglasses indoors is not everyone’s cup of tea – indeed it is not mine – but we think that they are one of the best social tools when travelling abroad and partying.

Tile Trackers

No one really realises how much stuff they’re going to lose before they do it. Tile trackers go for as low as £14 on Amazon, which might secure the £500 in your wallet.

Plastic Bowls

Cereal is a cheap, reusable, fantastic snack that is easily accessible and a favourite amongst travellers. Having reusable plastic bowls on hand makes cereal easier to consume as a group and means that no one has to continuously stick their hands in a box, having just licked them or shoved them in their mouth.

Sunglasses Hooks

Do they look stupid? Yes. Are they essential? Certainly. For those who party during the day as well as the night, these are a way to protect the expensive sunglasses you’ve bought along. They can be sleek, and they can also be your saviours.

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