4th May 2021

By Devin

Over the years, I have heard some incredible things about Psycho. I had heard it had revolutionised the film industry and practically created the slasher genre. I had heard that it was hated by critics, but over time its genius was appreciated more and more. Like most people, I knew about the iconic shower scene but wished to see more. I wished to see Alfred Hitchcock’s masterpiece. So, I watched it. I watched it on a Saturday night with the lights turned down, curled up on the sofa, munching on some Oreos. 

The film opens up with an attractive young man and woman in a hotel room. They would like to be together, but his debts weigh him down. So, she decides to steal money from where she works. The film then follows her as she flees. She then has the misfortune of entering the Bates motel, where she meets Norman Bates, the proprietor of the motel. The rest is history. 

Over the years I have heard film critics complain about crappy jump scares which ruin modern horror films. Psycho is the perfect guideline for tensions and jump scares. The film offers an overall ominous vibe from the get-go. An incredible score complements the twists and turns of the story. That and the unnerving acting from Anthony Perkins. I left the film shaken up and enlightened as to what a masterpiece truly is.

However, I must say I did take baths for a while. And every shower, when I wash my hair with shampoo and I am forced to close my eyes, I am compelled to open them to see if a shadowy person is looming over me with a kitchen knife in their hand.

Editor’s note: it was also the first movie to include a flushing toilet!

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