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30th June 2021

By Otto

What am I on about?

Lord of the Rings? No. Lord of the things? Absolutely.

In the past, I have written about the best beers in Bavaria, and I guess Bavaria just reminded me of the Lord of the Rings. I’m not actually the biggest fan of Lord of the Rings, however. So, I searched up what rhymes with Lord of the Rings and guess what came up: Lord of the Things. So, for you today I’m going to list some of the best things a person can have.

What is the best thing? That is a great question. To be honest, I have not the foggiest clue yet but I can certainly give it a go.

Board games

We have come to a point in our world that board games are slowly being removed from our lives. Isn’t that sad? I can attest that Monopoly has provided some of my best moments in life. I didn’t win a great deal, but I had a lot of fun. Isn’t that what it’s about? I think an old, dusty board game set with at least two homemade pieces is one of the most essential things in any home.

A bike

Aren’t bikes great? I think so. Like come on, it really doesn’t get much better than bikes. You can get around a city so quickly, with no traffic. Plus, they are so good for the environment. Double whammy! And let’s be honest who doesn’t love a bit of adrenaline when you hit a nice steep hill or a little hop off a small ledge. Bikes are just a lot of fun and extremely practical, plus a bike doesn’t even have to cost that much. Basically, bikes are great and that’s why it is on my list as one of the Lord of the Things.

A sense of humour

This is a maybe slightly more abstract one, but I really do feel like it’s one of the most powerful things in life. Just sometimes, try not to take things so seriously! I’m not telling you to not take life seriously when your boss tells you to do a very important job, but maybe when someone makes a slightly snide comment, you just simply brush it off and move on. Don’t get me wrong, stand up for yourself, but often getting your knickers in a twist really isn’t worth it.


A good book

I know reading is not everyone’s cup of tea but just having that one book that you can return to after a couple years, and simply enjoy the hell out of, is such a great thing to have. I can only recommend you find that one book AND another positive is that it’s a great conversation starter for an intellectual conversation. 

All of these 4 are only suggestions. Obviously, everyone has or will have in the future when they find it, their special bits and bobs in life and I think that’s one of the most important things. Keep hold of you things dearest to you. Trust me.



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