Decablogs (Slight Return)

Barren email inboxes, sorely under-stimulated cheek muscles, and – most importantly – worryingly low ad revenue – this was the reality of the last six months (two years if you were really counting) without Decablogs. However, Decablogs has risen from the ashes to once more perfume your miserable little lives with the gift of laughter. Ladies and gentlemen, please be upstanding for the greatest resurrection of the last two-thousand years. My, my, how we’ve missed this!

Setting the Record Straight

For many, the decline of Decablogs, and subsequent triumphant return, will feature as mere footnotes in otherwise busy, fun-filled lives. But for those sad, dingy creatures whose entire livelihoods depend on the timeless witticisms of yours truly, the past six months must surely have been the darkest of days. Our critics said we’d never make it; our readers slowly got on with life without us; there was even dissent within our own ranks. Yet, we’re back with weekly blogs, new ‘Agony Aunts’, more Meal Deal content updated for the cost of living crisis, and boundless tit bits and hot goss to keep you occupied as you curl out your morning post-coffee excrement. Deca-disciples – we’ve got your backs!

The exact circumstances of our temporary demise are not worth delving into. Let’s just say, there were long, heated arguments during which fists were thrown, blood shed, and sweat sweated. As long as we’re absolutely clear that it was definitely not sheer idleness that precipitated the fall of the world’s favourite blog, you and me can still be friends.

A minor point of business: of the ten upstarts that once comprised the great ship Decablogs, only the most committed two remain (a tenner is up for grabs for anyone who wants to guess who they are in the comments below). Some of our more pedantic readers – of which there are many – will rightly point out that there only being two of us renders the prefix ‘Deca-‘ (denoting, or relating to, the number ten) redundant. This is true, but it is much too expensive to change our domain name and we wouldn’t want our state-of-the-art Decablogs branded mouse mats to go to waste – I mean come on they’re made of the finest hand-vulcanised-silicon money can buy, for crying out loud!

What can you expect?

Like a football kicked against a wall by a sad child with no friends to play with, Decablogs bounces back. We’ve spent our absence among the fine, fine people with whom we share this earth and have amassed an impressive array of anecdotes, quips and punchlines that are sure to smack the wind out of your lungs with the violent guffawing they cause. Is that a more eloquent way of saying we’ve pissed about all summer colluding with lager louts and libertines? Perhaps, but that’s by-the-by.

In the coming weeks you, our darling, cherished readers can expect a return to regular blogging with some exciting new features and witty insights on your favourite topics. As ever, if you have any ideas, queries or are just short of people to talk to on these long Winter evenings, drop us a line at Welcome back dear readers. How we’ve missed you so!

2 thoughts on “Decablogs (Slight Return)

  1. Rafi Block

    Beautifully written brought to my attention by future Cambridge PhD student Gavriel Sacks, highly recommend giving him a larger portion in your business. From future Nottingham PhD student. x

    1. Post author

      Thank you kindly Dr Block. For avid comment readers, check out the good lad’s website at – highly refined stuff, although the type reading Decablogs is better suited to drivel.


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