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Decablogs (Slight Return)

Barren email inboxes, sorely under-stimulated cheek muscles, and – most importantly – worryingly low ad revenue – this was the reality of the last six months (two years if you were really counting) without Decablogs. However, Decablogs has risen from the ashes to once more perfume your miserable little lives with the gift of laughter. […]

David and Goliath

8th May 2021 By Austin In the biblical fashion of David and Goliath, Austin declares war on “Award Winning Social Media Blogger” Mike Allton. After some seriously aggressive tweets, the only thing that can save the Decablogs mothership is full-blown out-and-out cyber conflict. The thick, oozing beef is enough to make a vegetarian like Austin […]

Agony Aunt

27th April 2021 By Austin In his restless pursuit of copper-bottomed baboonery, Austin has become Agony Aunt for a week. Below are his responses to emails as far-ranging as subjects about one thing and other subjects about other things: Howdy! It is well known that in this life one should try everything once, save gnocchi and incest. […]

Creed Thoughts 1

September 27, 2007\creedthoughts Creed thoughts! Hey-o everyone out there in SyberWorld. It,s old Creed Bratton right back at you again from my perch in quabity assurance manager at Dunder Mifflin payper. The last couple-o days have been crazy – man I tell you. The big bossman hit the new chick with his car and […]