What is Decablogs?

Welcome to Decablogs. What is Decablogs I hear you so eloquently ask? 10 people who write blogs. It doesn’t get much simpler than that. Many will be wondering why any rational-thinking, learned human would wish to burden the internet with yet another godforsaken blog. And to the few who are choosing to spend their time not asking such a question, what are you playing at?

You’re probably right; there are too many blogs online. However, our current system of pinning our prosaic ramblings to lampposts and dog bins around London simply isn’t attracting the right attention. To tell the truth, the only attention which they have attracted has been a fairly stiff letter from the council and the artful poesy of an urban painter that reads: “JT is a slag”. As much as I’m sure “JT” might well be “a slag”, I think the perpetrator would be better placed raising such concerns through the appropriate channels, perhaps by pursuing this “JT” in the small claims court.

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I digress. But oh, how good it feels to have my meandering digressions published on what I would deem the appropriate channel – the internet. This blog will not make you more productive. Nor will it help you lose weight or take up running. This blog will not help you to get a romantic partner or solve your potential problems with “JT”. However, hopefully, you’ll be able to take some comfort in the occasional witticisms of the uninspired.

What do we write about?

At this stage, I, nor any of my fellow Decablogs evangelists, am not pinning myself down to any particular subject. (Yes I know that’s shorthand for I’m a bumbling Luddite who is, broadly speaking, lacking in creativity). However, each week we’ll write about topics as varied as Top 10 best films to watch if you’re dreaming of faraway lands to 6 Occasions on which “JT” has acted like “a slag”. If this sounds remotely appealing, follow our socials and watch this space. A deluge of content awaits. But for the love of all things holy, don’t tell “JT”.


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